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About Us

About Us

 In 1979 beekeeper Shai Spector founded an amateur bee yard. In 1982 he turned the establishment into a business, producing honey and pollinating agricultural crops.

The large apiary is one the leading in Israel (producing a high quality variety of honey) that stretches across the country far and wide – from Tze’elim in the south to the Golan Heights in the north. The honey is collected from the hive in a modern process in Kfar Rut and maintained in a professional manner, ensuring its quality over the years.

The honey production takes place in a stringent external environment – the apiary is a member of the ‘Tav HaIchut’ program and is visited and reviewed by a member of Agrior.

In 2005 a shop was established next to the apiary for boutique honey, specializing in the sale of honey varieties from apiaries across the country, from 11 different types of blossoms including: spring eucalyptus, tamarisk, onion, clover, hyssop and Jaffa scabious, summer eucalyptus, sage and thyme, thistle, citrus, Golan thistle, and ziziphus. The origin and blossom type ise important to know because the various areas and pants lend the honey a unique taste and aroma.

In addition to honey, other bee products can be found in the store such as: pollen (powder and flowers), honeycomb in various types and sizes, beeswax candles, nuts and almonds in honey, wild honeycomb that the bees built in a jar, and additional products that change yearly and seasonally.

In addition, the store also displays splendid ceramic pieces by artist Shari Meltzer (coming soon – pure gold pieces of her design), quality boutique wines from Rut Winery, olive oil from Yad Mordechai (extra virgin with 0.5% acidity), gifts and more.

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Store’s Opening Hours

Store’s Opening Hours

Opening hours:

  • Every Friday from  09:00 AM to 2:00 PM
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